About Chrystel

Chrystel MelhuishMy journey so far…

My name is Chrystel Melhuish, I am a French native, I was born and raised near Grenoble in the French Alps. I now live in Berkshire, England. I studied and worked in France until I was 26 doing different temporary roles, nothing exciting as the job market was already pretty bad back then with high unemployment. One of my best temporary work was working for Schneider Electric as it opened the door to working for corporate companies later on.

Then in 1999, I moved to England with my husband, and after looking for work, I thought ‘this is the land of opportunities!’ I was amazed at the number of job adverts in the newspapers and how easy it was to find a job. I successfully took on a permanent job working for Elf Atochem (now Total UK) as a Bilingual Secretary. Due to their relocation after 10 months of me working there, I then moved on to work for Hitachi Digital Media Europe. This was my first big step going from an admin role towards a product marketing role, I was very excited. I stayed there 4 years, I had a fantastic experience where I started using my creative skills designing monitor and projector datasheets and leaflets. I enjoyed peak experiences going onto Distributors’ Conference in luxury locations, my most memorable being Monte Carlo, driving in a Cadillac on the famous race circuit around the town, and an helicopter ride to top it up! Then came one of my most precious moments, my son Dylan was born. Budgets became tighter though with my job and eventually I moved on.

I landed a super job with Bilfinger Project Investments Europe, working from Project Coordinator to Visual Communications Manager. Although I didn’t know it at the time, this job was the making of where I am today.

This was my dream job when I started as I was very independent in my role and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop my design and creative skills supporting the bidding team and the Executive Management. I worked on the branding and production of many multi million pounds bids, it was a rewarding experience where I learnt a lot, not always easy though as we have strict deadlines and you worked continuously under pressure. I had to be flexible with my hours and work until early morning or even through the night until the job gets done.

As the team grew, I had the opportunity to get away from the production side and focus on the branding and design of the bids to creating corporate presentations, international newsletters, marketing materials and interactive documents for the Management and developing multiple project websites using Dreamweaver and WordPress.

I grew enormously into that role, taking on Managers’ bright ideas and challenges and bringing them to life, like the creation of the interactive photo org chart. This is one of my favourite things to create as I can see many possibilities to be used as a teaching and learning tool too. I worked with some really lovely people, having made strong friendships, I stayed in that role for 8 years. You could say I was pretty happy. I had everything that I wanted or so I thought. Things were about to change. I’ll never forget one afternoon my boss announcing to me and a number of key personnel that the Group decided to sell the Concessions business and that they will be issuing early redundancies. Out of the blue, the shocking news was announced and the end of May 2013 was the date. By the end of July 2013 my position became redundant with many other colleagues. This was my proof that job security doesn’t exist and that you can lose your job even if your company is doing well and making money.

As we say when one door closes, another one opens. So I embraced this opportunity to start on my own journey and use my skills, experience and creativity into my own business, which in a way, I had been dreaming of doing one day… That was just the push I needed. Plum Design & Publishing Ltd was born end of July. So, here I am on this journey and looking back, all my experiences have taught me something. My skills have been hones for this very moment. I am now ready to take on my next challenge and start the next chapter of my life as a business owner!

On a personal note, I am a travel lover, and an ongoing student of personal development as I am a firm believer that “if you don’t grow, you die.” This is so true and hence why I continually work on myself by reading uplifting books, going to seminars, listening to motivational audios etc. I qualified as an NLP Master and Hypnosis Practitioner in 2009 and as a Reiki Master Practitioner (level 3) in 2014. I have great interests in visual communications, graphic design, internet marketing, wealth creation and holistic therapies and my hobbies are zumba, reiki, walking, cycling and going to the cinema.

My own interests, passions and values, have inspired me to primarily work with speakers, coaches, trainers, authors, consultants and holistic professionals – however if you are in a different sector and would like me to help you, then you are most welcome to contact me. I look forward to helping you in whatever way is right for you.

I specialise in the design and branding of powerful marketing  materials, presentations, interactive documents, publications, books and eBooks that will create a strong brand identity, engage your audience and build your expert status. Please check my Services page to see what I offer in more details.

If you have any challenges and if you think you could benefit from me helping you branding and packaging yourself and your products, then  please get in touch at chrystel@chrystelmelhuish.com or call me on +44 (0)7970 950888 for a free 20 minutes no obligation chat.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.